Well, as with all house renovation projects, we are of course way behind schedule and over budget which means we’re still camping out at friend’s houses (for a good month or so yet) so I’m still being completely useless at blogging, and to be honest using much stationery at all, apart from what I use at work. However, I’m still running The Stationer, SO I thought I would (in the similar vein to my temporary stationery stash post) show you the stationery tools I use to run the bizniz.

So here it goes!

  • Custom made stamps The Stationer from Blade Rubber (for stamping the outside of boxes/envelopes)
  • Old, but unused, postage stamps – so cool and still valid! – from eBay
  • Scissors from Haute Papier
  • Various washi tapes (for wrapping products and securing packaging)
  • A pink Le Pen (for crossing off fulfilled orders!)
  • A Faber Castell HB Pencil – for drafting addresses on packaging (probably unnecessary but I’m scared of making mistakes!)
  • A Papermate Flair (a perfect felt tip pen, in my eyes, used to write addresses on packaging)
  • Fred Aldous Baking Twine (for wrapping products)

So there’s a little insight into The Stationer‘s set up. Hope you like it 🙂