I’ve been meaning to get my hands on one of these envelope sets for ages! The official title is Mail Box: Twenty Envelopes for Sending, Sorting, Saving and Collecting by Present & Correct (published by Princeton Architectural Press). It is, essentially, a box of envelopes, but with Present & Correct’s signature graphic designs. There are 20 envelopes, with 4 of each design.

The box is a folder which holds all the envelopes, and is held together by a card sleeve. My only criticism of this would be that it would be better if the box was secured differently, as it’s a bit annoying to have to pull the card sleeve on and off every time you want to grab an envelope. I’d go for magnets, or with a string and button fastening (which would tie in with the design of one of the envelopes). I can only imagine that would have been a bit costly to produce.

The envelopes themselves though are super lovely. Each has a different purpose, from a tiny I.O.U. one, to larger ones with space to write project details on. I can imagine so many uses for these – they’re the perfect way to store little bits and bobs, things worth saving, ephemera, or important documents. Or if you can bear parting with them, a much more interesting way to deliver things to friends.

I love the varying designs, with each envelope using a different coloured ink to distinguish itself. And the attention to detail on the back of the envelopes is lovely too – especially the string and button fastening on one – my favourite! I know the full title says “for sending, sorting, saving and collecting” but I might just be keeping them all for myself!

You can get hold of a set from Princeton Architectural Press, directly from Present & Correct or lots of good book/stationery shops.

Please note I was sent this item free of charge by Abrams and Chronicle Books for the purpose of this post, but all opinions are my own.