Galen Leather XLarge Pencil Case Review

I had been aware of Galen Leather through Instagram and seeing others review their products, but didn’t know much about the company at all than that they make really great looking pen cases. After they very kindly offered to send me a product to try, I read a bit more about them and found it… Read more »

a selections of pens and pencils on a desk

What stationery I actually use: 2021 edition

I’ve actually been craving writing a blog post, which is a really a nice feeling. I think since opening The Stationer, I can’t quite work out where this blog sits. As it’s now attached to a shop it feels a bit weird to potentially recommend other stationery shops, and equally I feel a bit icky… Read more »

A pink planner pad with a pencil, sharpener and eraser

Getting my own Planner Pad produced

I feel like I should actually call this “my experience as a woman of trying to get a planner pad manufactured in the very male printing industry, and staying sane”. Re-opening The Stationer Ever since I opened The Stationer I’ve had grand plans to sell my own products and have a head full of ideas… Read more »

Shop Small // Start Early! GIFT GUIDE No. 2

In classic me style, I promised another gift guide (after my luxury one last month) and then promptly failed to deliver! But here it is… This time focussing on bits and bobs – stocking fillers, secret santa gifts, that sort of thing. All under a tenner. STOCKING FILLERS That’s the last of my stocking filler… Read more »

Shop Small // Start Early! GIFT GUIDE No. 1

Is this thing still on?! I barely remember how to blog… BUT this feels like a good reason to re-learn. You may have heard lots of businesses, especially small ones, talking about the importance of not leaving all your Christmas shopping to the last minute this year. More than ever the postal service will be… Read more »

I made a notebook!

Today The Stationer is three years old, and what better time than this to FINALLY get my act together and launch my own product! Introducing… The Work Book I’ve always had ideas for products I wanted to make but never any confidence, or indeed any clue on where to start… Until back in March when… Read more »

Boring Talks: Stationery

On Thursday evening I was part of an event at the British Library, connected to their current exhibition Making Your Mark. It was organised by James Ward, who runs Boring Conference, and wrote the brilliant book Adventures in Stationery: A Journey Through Your Pencil case, which I reviewed here. James asked me to come along… Read more »

#ATScollection Instagram Project

Hiya! Long time no blog! I’m just checking in to share a little project that I’ve been working on over on Instagram, just in case you don’t follow me over there. It’s called #ATScollection and is me sharing my (you guessed it) stationery collection. I don’t have much time for blogging at the moment, but… Read more »

Getting back into the swing of things…

HELLO! It’s been forever, and I just decided – totally on a whim – to write down some thoughts to share with you. Except I’ve done it the old fashioned way – on paper! Apologies that it’s not the best looking blog post, the most accessible, or SEO friendly, but I’m just going to post… Read more »