Life Update, and my temporary stationery stash

Well, I think it’s safe to say at this point that I’m the world’s least prolific stationery blogger. But thank you for sticking around, if you have 🙂 The reason, in part, for my lack of posts is that we are doing an extension on our house at the moment. If I think about it, starting this blog was what I did to fill my time after the last house renovation project finished, so it makes sense that whilst this one is going on, I’m going to be pretty useless (especially baring in mind running the shop too). BUT I’LL TRY, I PROMISE.

During the extension, we’ve moved in with some friends for a couple of months, and that means most of our belongings are in storage, including 95% of my stationery – gah! f I were a more organised person, I would have thought very carefully about what to bring, but as it’s me we’re talking about, I just grabbed things off my desk in the inevitable rush that was packing the house up. I thought it might be interesting to look at what I did grab though, as it’s probably a good insight into what I use most at the moment. You can see in the picture above, but also itemised below:

Paper (top to bottom)

  • Baron Fig Metamorphosis Confidant, A5 notebook (written about here). I bought this because I know the Mossery notebook I’m using at work is nearly finished so I’ll be using this next.
  • Leuchtturm 1917, A5 dot grid notebook (written about here). This is my everyday, notes/to-do list notebook.
  • Clairfontaine Triomphe A5 notepad. I use this for any ink reviews so thought I should keep it with me in case.

Pens & Pencils (left to right)

  • Muji gel pens, 0.38mm, in black and purple. Because they are an absolute staple of mine, and one of my first stationery loves.
  • “Magic Pen” felt tip (written about here). This usually sits on the kitchen side and is used for things like quick notes or shopping lists.
  • Black Le Pen felt tip (written about here). One of my all time favourites, a super thin felt tip. Always useful.
  • Tous Les Jours ballpoint pen (written about here). I bang on about this one all the time as it’s one of my favourites! So much so that you can buy them in my shop!
  • Kikki K ballpoint pen which I picked up on impulse at the till when buying some other stuff. I bought it along to try it out as I hadn’t used it yet. Quick review – looks pretty, doesn’t write very well.
  • A dip nib, for calligraphy practice (it’s been a while).
  • Blackwing pencil. Just because.
  • Pilot Custom 912 FA. I LOVE this pen, my only flex nib. This was a present from lovely Mike Dudek, and I bought it along with the intention of actually reviewing it, after having it for over a year.

Other stuff

  • Robert Oster Fire & Ice ink (written about here). I allowed myself one bottle, and this is my current favourite, I guess.
  • 3 x washi tapes – never not handy. Including a cat design, and a cosmic design, both available at The Stationer).
  • Various paper clips and bulldog clips, just in case.
  • e+m ruler. Just because I thought it might be useful, and I love the design.

Things not included in this picture are 2 x Kaweco sport fountain pens, which live in my bag, and a load of stuff I bought along to review (I always have the best intensions, despite my lack of time, so fingers crossed!).

What would you bring if you had to make a small selection for a few months? Actually, I asked this to Brad and Myke as an #AskTPA question on the Pen Addict Podcast a few weeks ago, hear their answers here.


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