Zebra Fude2
When I did my Cult Pens Mini Haul back in April, I threw a couple of brush pens in my basket with the intention of trying them out. 5 months later and I’m finally getting around to it!

Zebra Fude6
One of the pens I chose is the Zebra Fude Pen Brush, which was a very reasonable £2.42 from Cult Pens. I chose it in a fine nib. Here’s an idea of the line width variation:

Zebra Fude5
Like all brush pens, you can achieve a wider line by pushing down harder on the nib. Compared to some other brush pens, the nib is quite stumpy… It’s less brush like, more sign pen like, which I think I actually find easier to control.

Zebra Fude
In terms of looks, it’s not the prettiest ever… I really like the glittery finish, but there’s something about all that writing down it (I couldn’t tell you what it says) that puts me off a bit.

Zebra Fude4
And most importantly, how does it write? I don’t have much experience with brush pens so I can’t really rate it against others, but I do really like using this pen. The nib can take quite a lot of pushing around with out breaking or splitting – which is good because I’ve been practicing brush lettering a lot with it! And the ink flows out of it nicely, just the right wetness.

Zebra Fude3
A great, non-showy, every day brush pen, I reckon. Perfect for practising. I boy do I need practice!