It makes me very happy to type those words… Present & Correct Haul! Despite the fact that I bang on about this shop allll the time, I’ve never really done a haul as such. I’ve bought the odd thing or been bought presents from there but never done a proper spree before. Until now! On a grey and rainy day a couple of weeks ago (that doesn’t really narrow it down, does it?) I spent an hour or 2 on the P&C website and chose these things:

Library Greetings Card, £3.75. As the daughter of a librarian, I find any kind of library-based paraphernalia appealing… Also comes in Congratulations.

Graph Tape, £4.50. This stuff is amazing! It’s really thick and such a long roll of tape. I’m thinking of using it for address labels.

1950s French Drawing Pins, £4. Look. At. That. Box. It’s perfection.

And the pins are pretty too – I’m not sure if you can see but there’s a star/flower logo in the centre. Lovely.

Old Gummed Labels, £4.50. If there’s one thing Present & Correct is known for, it’s their amazing collection of ephemera so I thought it would be silly not to choose something from this category. I went for this cute little collection of address labels.

Hexagon Erasers, £1.75 each. I’ve loved these Koh-i-noor rubbers for ages – there’s nothing like a bit of tessellation. I wanted turquoise (surprise, surprise) but they were out so I opted for yellow instead, and they threw in a white for free!

German Push Pins, £3. Neal also very kindly popped in a couple of other bonus items with my order, these simple, but cool (obviously, they’re German) push pins.

And also this vintage eraser – with it’s own case! – from the eraser pick & mix (best concept ever?!).

I then popped over the shop a few days later to collect my order. I know strictly speaking I could have chosen in person, but the fear of being overwhelmed (and spending ALL of my money) meant I thought it best to order ahead. Plus it’s a nice lunch-break work over to Clerkenwell where the shop’s based.

Do check it out if you haven’t already!