HOORAY! After almost 11 years together, Harry and I finally got married on 28th November. I try not to share too much personal stuff on here, but I thought you guys may appreciate seeing a little bit of how I incorporated stationery into my big day – of course I had to! We had an eventful (there was blood… mine… don’t ask) but lovely ceremony at Hackney Town Hall, then off to a warehouse down the road for PLENTY of Moscow Mules while the pianist was playing before we all sat down the the most incredible feast by White Men Can’t Jerk, and then danced the night away, played beer pong, even more Moscow Mules and lots of photos. It was THE BEST. Read on to see some of my favourite stationery-based details.

The Proposal

In case you weren’t following me at the time, it started with a pencil themed proposal… And after that it just felt natural to carry the theme on!

The morning of…

Amongst all the hectic-ness on the morning of the wedding, Harry had left my bridesmaids a gift for me and it turned out to a Kaweco Sport Brass that I’ve wanted forever and he’d got engraved. I was going to put this on my Christmas list this year but I didn’t have to 🙂 Stay tuned for a proper review.

The Tables

A note about the space – this was a warehouse space that was pretty much an empty shell and we had to think of ev-er-y-thing ourselves. No mean feat but I’m really proud of how we (with loads of help from our amazing friends and families) made the space look. The tables were “my” bit. I kept it fairly simple, with some hydrangeas and eucalyptus, and some candle stick holders that I made out of copper plumbing parts.

And as favours-come-place cards, I gave each person a succulent in a copper pot, and wrote out the names myself on little kraft luggage tags with a white paint pen. I took inspiration here from Owl Ink’s brilliant tutorial (if I only had her incredible calligraphy skills!).

And of course, pencils for everyone! I got several sets of natural wood pencils, with Harry & Tessa 28.11.15 embossed in gold down them. I got them here, in mixed coloured packs. We used paper table cloths with the idea that everyone could doodle on the table.  This worked a little too well in the end as once everyone was good and drunk, people started playing speech bingo on the tables, and there were a few… interesting… drawings (this one below isn’t even the worst/best of it)!.

The decoration

Probably my favourite decoration of the day was a massive pencil vinyl, which Harry drew up and got made. We had a bit wall with nothing on it so this was quite a last minute decision, but I think it really made the space.

The People

Obviously all our guest looked incredible! But there was one who made a special effort.

FullSizeRender 2

Our lovely friend Alice made her boyfriend James a bow tie from this awesome pencil fabric! And he wore a set of coloured pencils in his pocket rather than a handkerchief. Just the coolest.

The Donuts!

And to end on… Not stationery related at all, but very important. We had coffee and Crosstown donuts for pudding and it was the best.

Has anyone else managed to get their love of stationery into their wedding day?! Do share, I’d love to know!