Diamine Orange
This is my second experience of a Diamine ink. You can see my review of the Beethoven dark green here. The orange is another shade that I got in my Wick & Hide ink sample package. It’s also my first ever orange fountain pen ink. I wouldn’t normally go for an orange, it’s just not my colour and although I can’t ever see myself using an orange ink for day-to-day writing, this does seem like a quality ink.

Diamine Orange 2
As normal, this is quite a brief review as I’m not an ink expert! And also as normal, I’m using a dip pen. You may have a different experience if you use it in a fountain pen, but I hope this gives you a chance to se what it looks like on the page. I think this is quite a strong/true orange colour, which impresses me. I think it can be quite difficult to get good pigmentation in lighter colour inks and this one does well.

As you may be able to see above, with a dip pen you do have to re-dip quite often as it tends to run dry quickly, but from experience, this is normal of any lighter coloured ink. And as I said before, you may well find this better in a wet-nibbed fountain pen.

It has a little shading, but as you can see above it sends to either be full of colour, or really pale so it would be nice to see something in between. I didn’t see any feathering on the paper, which was (as usual) Clairefontaine Triomphe, and no ink bled through to the other side.

All in all, a decent ink!

Diamine Orange 3