On my recent trip to Paris, I did a good stationery shop crawl. This is the first of a few posts I’ll be making over the next few weeks about the stores I visited.

First up, is Papier Tigre. It’s a really beautiful shop, which great, design led stationery.


The prices are fairly high, but they are quality products so I think it’s worth it.


For example, these notebooks are €14 each and The Manager (right) is €37. I really love this product, it’s a very cool idea. 5 different pads with 52 sheets (i.e. one a week) so that you can plan out your life.


They also have graphic print wrapping paper, and on the right, I really fell in love with The Pli Postal, €23, a writing pad where the sheets fold into these envelopes. So nice, right? Unfortunately at this point in the trip, I’d spent all my money so I instead opted for their very cute, pencil/ruler combo for €5.