Lots of people suggested the Pilot Kakuno to me as an entry level fountain pen, so I ordered one! See my recent Cult Pens mini haul here. See my review below (and transcribed under that, in case anyone can’t read my writing!):kakuno kakuno2

Pilot Kakuno, fine nib, Pilot Namiki ink.

I’ve been using this pen at work for the last week to get to grips with it. At first, I was disappointed. I thought I’d gone for the wrong sized nib – but now I love it! Such a precise line – I think it makes my writing neater (this is neat – believe it or not!).

I put in the ink cartridge (that it came with), without thinking and it turned out to be black – I pretty much never use black ink so I find it quite boring! But I’ve got some blue cartridges to put in next so I’m hoping this will run out quickly… I’m writing with the cap un-posted. Not my usual style but it’s more comfortable this way. Speaking of comfort… The grip is quite hard and hurts a little after a while of writing, but that’s fair enough, given that it’s such an inexpensive pen.

I think I may actually find a medium nib more comfortable to write with, but I way prefer my handwriting with a fine one.

It’s quite leaky…


The nib is covered in ink after a few days carry in my bag, and I don’t think I’ve managed to use it without getting ink on my hands.

I really like the simplicity of the design, and the fact that you can choose different coloured caps.


Another cool feature is the smiley face on the nib – good for encouraging kids!

For a beginner’s fountain pen, I think this is brilliant! Especially for the price.


  • Produces neat, fine line
  • Great design
  • Very inexpensive


  • Not very comfortable grip
  • Bit leaky

I got this pen at Cult Pens for £13.99