Stationery tools for my small business

Well, as with all house renovation projects, we are of course way behind schedule and over budget which means we’re still camping out at friend’s houses (for a good month or so yet) so I’m still being completely useless at blogging, and to be honest using much stationery at all, apart from what I use at work. However, I’m still running The Stationer, SO I thought I would (in the similar vein to my temporary stationery stash post) show you the stationery tools I use to run the bizniz.

So here it goes!

  • Custom made stamps The Stationer from Blade Rubber (for stamping the outside of boxes/envelopes)
  • Old, but unused, postage stamps – so cool and still valid! – from eBay
  • Scissors from Haute Papier
  • Various washi tapes (for wrapping products and securing packaging)
  • A pink Le Pen (for crossing off fulfilled orders!)
  • A Faber Castell HB Pencil – for drafting addresses on packaging (probably unnecessary but I’m scared of making mistakes!)
  • A Papermate Flair (a perfect felt tip pen, in my eyes, used to write addresses on packaging)
  • Fred Aldous Baking Twine (for wrapping products)

So there’s a little insight into The Stationer‘s set up. Hope you like it 🙂


A little tidbit of trans-Atlantic trivia: Your “perfect felt tip pen” used to be available over here, but no longer. Instead, we have a pen with a different tip sold under the same name, so those of us Yanks who love the original Flair must order from the UK.

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