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What stationery I actually use: 2021 edition

I’ve actually been craving writing a blog post, which is a really a nice feeling. I think since opening The Stationer, I can’t quite work out where this blog sits. As it’s now attached to a shop it feels a bit weird to potentially recommend other stationery shops, and equally I feel a bit icky… Read more »

What I’ve Been… #3

Hello! I wanted to quickly started by giving my 2 newest blog sponsors a shout out – massive thanks to pen seller extraordinaires Pen Write and Unwrap Colour, who sell lots of amazing washi tapes amongst other things, for supporting All Things Stationery. Do feel free to give them a click and see what they’re about! Another month has… Read more »

What I’ve Been… #2

In classic ATS style, I started a new series a couple of months ago and then promptly forgot about it. In my defence, I had some other stuff going on, but What I’ve Been… is now back, and should be a permanent feature at the end of each month. So here’s What I’ve Been… …… Read more »

What I’ve been… #1

HELLO! I thought I’d try a little something new… A monthly round up of what I’ve been looking at/reading/listening to/doing etc. etc. Not necessarily a round up of stationery blogs – I think other people already do this really well (namely Ana at Well-Appointed Desk and her weekly Link Love), but more likely things I’ve… Read more »