J. Herbin Stormy Grey Ink

stormy grey2

So pretty much EVERYONE has reviewed this ink, (for example, Gourmet Pens, Ed Jelley, Pen Addict, Well-Appointed Desk etc, etc.) and have all done it far better than I can so this isn’t a review as such, just showing it off.

I used the Stormy Grey with a dip pen and Nikko G Nib. I’m not sure if this is it’s intended use but as I only have one fountain pen with a convertor and I haven’t worked out how to use it yet, I thought this was the easiest option!

stormy grey

I love the packaging on the 1670 collection, it makes it feel special and classy before you’ve even started using the ink. Plus it looks very cool on your desk!

In case you somehow don’t know, the thing about this ink is the gold flecks running throughout. I’d seen on Bureau Direct’s Instgram a while ago that it looks very cool when you turn the bottle on it’s side and watch the specs move so decided to do my own version (sorry for the shakiness… I wasn’t really planning on sharing it, just filmed it for fun, but I kind of like it):

stormy grey3

It’s really interesting to see in all those different reviews the different shades of grey that come out of this ink, depending on what pen/nib you use. In some reviews it looks really light, but when I used it with the dip pen, the colour came out really dark. I guess this is because this nib lets out a lot of ink. And those flecks?

stormy grey5
There they are! You do have to shake up the bottle/your pen if you want to keep seeing them, just because they keep settling at the bottom.

I really like this ink. I’m not sure I’d ever put it in a fountain pen as it sounds like it’s a bit of a pain to clean out afterwards, and although I don’t get so much light and shade with a dip pen, I still think it looks great and the gold flecks give it added depth. For something a bit different and special, it’s pretty reasonable too. You can get it from Bureau Direct for £14.95.

stormy grey4

Please note: I was given this ink free of charge by Bureau Direct, for the purpose of this post but I’ve done my very best not to let this affect my views!



Bureau Direct have a blog post about my wedding invitations, for which I used Stormy Grey. Took me ages to get the photos to really show off the ink!


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    Aww awesome! Reading that I’ve just put two and two together and realised who you are (and that I already follow you on instagram)! Congratulations on your wedding, I saw all the pictures on my feed at the time!

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