Treats from Yasumi + Zebra Mildliners


A few weeks ago, the lovely Yasumi from Stranger London/Worship Blues sent me the most amazing package! Included in it were a some gorgeous Portuguese pencils (look at that packaging!), some Mildliners (which I’ve been wanting to try for aaaaages) and most generously of all, this incredible pencil case/pen wrap which she made herself from denim and kimono fabric.

It’s so beautifully made – look at it, it’s perfect! Regular readers will remember Yasumi from her What’s In Your Pencil Case? (and if you haven’t read it yet, go ahead, I’ll wait!). She doesn’t actually have this exact version in stock, but there’s a really cool version with Marimekko fabric available at the moment –  and don’t forget ATS readers get a 10% discount until May with the code “WELOVETESSA” (ha!).

I’m going to concentrate on these Mildliners for now, because I’d had a proper play with them. They’re by Japanese brand Zebra and are a little tricky to get hold of in the UK, as far as I can tell.

As the name suggests, they are like highlighters, but in milder colours, which are much nicer on the eye! I mean, there’s a time and a place for the normal neon highlighters, but sometimes you want something a little subtler. I think they are classier too. Yasumi sent me a green and a purple, they come in a full range of pastel shades as well.

The other great thing about with (which I actually missed on first inspection) is that they are double ended, with one thick end and one thin, which is really handy.

I tested them out on (from top to bottom); pencil, felt tip pen, gel pen, ballpoint pen and fountain pen. No smudging on any of them! I love these, they’ve gone straight in my main pencil case, which is pretty high praise. 

Thank you so so much Yasumi for introducing me to them and for the wonderful gifts!!


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