When I was in the U.S. we had a quick stop in Miami, and stayed in the Wynwood art district for a night. For some reason I had assumed that Miami wouldn’t really be for me, but I absolutely loved the area we stayed in. It’s home to Wynwood Walls, and is a hub of incredible street art and has lots of warehouses covered in amazing grafitti.

There’s also lots of great bars, restaurant and shops, amongst which was Wynwood Letterpress – a stationery shop!

To be honest I was very much off duty on the stationery hunt, but when we saw this was in the area it seemed silly not to drop by and I’m so glad we did!


It’s a really beautifully laid out shop, with all the usual suspects that let you know that they know the good stuff; Blackwings, Kaweco, Delfonics, Rifle Paper Co, along with lots of smaller brands and a lovely greeting card selection. AND they were super friendly. All in all, a bloody good shop. I was trying to travel light at the time so I only bought a few little bits, but here’s what I got:

I’ve always liked the look of Tools to Live By’s range of paper clips and binder clips but I’ve never actually owned any. Wynwood Letterpress have a good selection of them so I thought I’d pick some up.

These paperclips are called Niagara and the original design is from 1897.

I also grabbed a pack of spare erasers for Blackwing pencils so I can jazz up the boring black and white ones I already have.

And also these binder (or what I would call bulldog) clips.

I often see people with these and am jealous so I’m glad I finally got my hands on some!

And that’s my lot, I told you I was travelling light!