SMUG visit

I visited SMUG  a few weeks ago to do a Lino printing workshop and slightly fell in love with it, so thought I’d go back for a proper visit last weekend.

It’s in the lovely Camden Passage in Islington, and here is what it looks like:

It’s run by Lizzie Evans (you can read all about her on their website) and it’s full of great homewares and stationery. I had to really hold back as I am skint at the moment, but here are some bits I got:

Chase and Wonder do really nice screen-printed stuff, and this card has already found a home with a bike loving friend.

Mini Notebook from Paperways

Mini Notebook (inside) from Paperways, £2.50

I hadn’t heard of Paperways before but really like their school style exercise books, in particular, the large top margin is a nice detail. They also had them lined and in various different graph papers.

I also got a couple of washi tapes, one classic MT tape in my favourite colour (£3). I use these coloured masking tapes to stick stuff in my diary.

The other I got was on the sale table, for a bargain 50p!

I thought this was a different brand, called Kamoi, but from doing a bit of research it seems like MT and Kamoi are the same brand, all manufactured by the same company (it’s kind of hard to tell as I can’t readJapanese…).

The upstairs was closed (I assume for a workshop), which is a shame, but probably for the best as it would be too tempting…

I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of SMUG!

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