Pilot Pen Set… Help!

Am I going mental?! I have such a vivid memory of a Pilot Pen Set that my best friend got for Christmas when we were younger… Maybe 10 or, so this is mid ’90s. I was SO jealous. It was an assorted set that had every pilot pen you could possibly dream about… or at least it felt like it at the time. Anyway, I thought, this would be a good one to write a post on; see what was in the sets, if they still exist etc…

HOWEVER, I can’t find any record of such a thing of the internet anywhere! And I’m quite good a googling. I’m so baffled. I though it was “a thing”. Maybe I made it up… My boyfriend says he remembers them too, but I’m not sure if he’s just humouring me.

So reader, does anyone else know what I’m talking about? Did anyone ever have one? Worth a shot I suppose…


I’m not humouring you!!! I remember them too!!!

Posted 7 years ago by Hazzzzzzzz Reply

    Haha, ok!!

    Posted 7 years ago by tsowry Reply

I looked up on google found loads, Amazon have a set of them for sale

Posted 7 years ago by Mum Reply

    No, I googled for hours last night!!! I can only find packs with all the same pens. The one I’m thinking of have at least 20 different kinds of pens, markers, highlighters, pencils, fountain pens, biros etc etc.

    Posted 7 years ago by tsowry Reply

I REMEMBER THESE. In a massive long box? I never had one but remember it annoying me when all the pens in the wrong order of other people’s…

    YES!! Exactly! right, Pilot pens tweeted m so hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of it!

    Posted 7 years ago by tsowry Reply

Yes. Yes! I do remember them. My local newsagent used to sell them, as it was round the corner from a secondary school. I did buy one once and I got serious classroom cred. It was excellent for gaining pencil case oneupmanship. However stationery theft was an issue at my school and you had to be on your guard; no leaving it unattended or out of your line of sight!

If you manage to track one down I’d be interested to know if you can still buy them anywhere.

Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Reply

    Yes Kevin! Thank you for making me feel like I’m not going mental! Not even actual Pilot Pens knew what I was on about… I can fully imagine theft was rife with these at school… I will certainly update you if I hear anything, but it’s not looking good.

      Oh, by the way, I did come across this on Amazon. It’s not the box set, but it seems it’s the closest thing Pilot did before shelving it all together…


      Zebra pens do something very similar, which I’ve just bought. It’s a pack of 20 pens for around £5, but it’s still not a patch on a box set!

      Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Reply

        Hi Kevin,
        Yes, I’d seen that set on Amazon, although it always seems to be out of stock.. I’ve been meaning to try Zebra Pens though, as I haven’t yet so an assorted pack seems like a good a place as any to start – thanks!

I remember these! A wide box like a box of chocolates… I bought mine at John Lewis on Oxford Street. As well as Pilot, I think I got a Papermate assortment box too.

    Yes! Like a box of chocolates is a GREAT analogy!!

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