A couple of weeks ago, I FINALLY got myself over to Pedlars, just off Portobello Road. I’ve been meaning to head over for ages, as they seem to be one of the few places that stock Blackwing pencils.

I can’t recommend the shop highly enough really, it’s great looking and the staff are really friendly and knowledgable.

It has a bit of a treasure trove feel, with stationery at the front of the shop and vintage homewares and miscellanea at the back. There’s also a little coffee counter when you enter the shop. 

They have  a really cool Blackwing display:

photo 3

As well as other brands of pencils, such as Tombow:

They clearly know their stuff when it comes to pencils!

These are the ones I bought:

Green, on top: Kimberly 525 Pencil HB, £2.20 each, General Pencil Company
Silver, on top: Blackwing 602, £2.50 each, Palomino
Black, bottom with rubber: Mono 100 HB, £2.50 each, Tombow
Black, bottom: Blackwing, £2.50 each, Palomino

I’m not going to review them now because, a. I haven’t actually used them yet, and b. I have  BIG pencil post up my sleeve so I’ll save it for then… But just to say for now, my favourite feature of the Blackwings is the replaceable rubbers on the end. Apparently they write like a dream too.

All well as pencils, they have some really lovely notebooks and the one that stuck out for me (it was the perfect present for one of my friends) was this beauty from Choux a la Creme.

It’s the Madame notebook and costs £9.95. I really like the gold foil detail. It has plain paper inside.

Pedlars is now definitely going to be one of my staple (no pun intended) stationery shops. I also know that the shop is going to be having a refurb soon, apparently with an even better stationery section, and more of Pedlars own products (they already have a notebook range), so that sounds like a GREAT reason to revisit soon!