Flea Market Finds #3: Wooden & Brass Extension Rule

The last item I bought from Williamsburg Flea Market was this wooden and brass extension rule, which I got for $4. There were quite a few of these in the market, so they can’t be that rare, but this was the only one I saw with a brass inlay, and I really liked that detail.

From what I can tell, it is a carpenter’s rule (I suppose strictly speaking that doesn’t make it stationery, but forgive me…), I guess from before tape measures, so that they could easily carry around their measuring tool. It’s 72 inches, which puzzled me for a while, and then I realised that is 2 yards.

I suppose there isn’t a huge amount else to say about this item, except that it looks nice, and you can make fun shapes with it…


So what did you pay?

    A very good question!! $4 – and thanks for flagging that up, I’ll amend my post now.

Thanks for the quick response. I just started a blog on tumble called Flea Market Flips so I’m very interested in that type of info.

    Sorry that was Tumblr not tumble.

    Ahh brilliant – I’ll check it out! My last 3 posts have all been things I found at williamsburg flea market so you might find them interesting… 🙂

Yes I read them. That’s how I knew that you normally told how much you paid.

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