Pensée Sticky Note Roll

A colleague left something on my desk last week with a note on it and I practically chased her down the corridor to find out what this amazing post-it thing was! She showed me, and told me she got it in Paris, so of course I saw that as a challenge to get my hands on one myself…

So, may I present, the Pensée roll, by Marks Inc.:

It is, essentially, one long sticky note, on a tape dispenser, so you can tear off as much as you need and stick on to whatever you want. It comes in yellow and blue.

And to make it even better – they have grid squares!

I found it them Fred Aldous for £5.75 each.

I hadn’t heard of Marks Inc. before, but surprise surprise, like most great stationery things, they’re Japanese.  It seems like they have an enormous catalogue of products, and Pensée is just one of their ranges. I think there must be some sort of French affiliation with the company, but their website is a little confusing/in Japanese so I’m finding it difficult to work out. Either way, I’m glad I know about them now.

Pensée translates as “thought” and the writing on the dispenser seems to say “man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature; but he is a thinking reed” or something to that effect. So… errr… yeah…!


How’s the stickiness? Muji does something similar, but the adhesive is pretty poor after a while.

Posted 8 years ago by June Reply

    I had no idea Muji did one! Thanks for the heads up. This one seems to stick pretty well. To paper/card at least. Perhaps not so well on other surfaces…

Wow. This is so cool. I will keep an eye out for something similar in my local stores. Thanks for sharing.

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