When we were in NYC I remember being handed one of these pens to sign for the bill in a restaurant. I’d never heard of it before and made a mental note. It’s a simple design but it wrote really well and had a very fine tip (I do like a fine tip).

I only just remembered now and looked them up.

They’re made by Marvy Uchida, an American company, and as I’m learning, they don’t ship internationally, and nor do they seem to have any UK stockists.

However, just to prove how bad I am at this “wanting” thing, I may have ordered some on US eBay. Oops! So, I won’t go into too much detail on them now and will do a proper post when they arrive. I’ll be wanting them for a little while at least…


you could always have them delivered to Norm n Suzi and pick up when you go there. If you can wait! I have done that before with non UK shippers on ebay USA

Posted 8 years ago by Mum Reply

    Yeah, that’s a good idea, but I was too impatient this time!

Jet Pens sells them and should be able to ship internationally. I love them!

    Ahh I didn’t even think of looking on Jet Pens! Ah well, I ordered from eBay and they came really quickly actually, so I shall be reviewing them very soon 🙂

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