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i am a: stationery to make you smile

As with a lot of brands, I first saw “i am a” on their Instagram. They got in touch to ask if they could send me some samples, and of course I said yes, as their stuff looks so cute! Their tag line is “we make you smile” and as soon as I picked the package… Read more »

Tutti Frutti Pencils by Louise Fili

It’s no secret that I love Love LOVE the Perfetto pencils by Louise Fili, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out Princeton Architectural Press were bringing out a coloured version! Behold: Tutti Frutti. The packaging is based on the same brilliant design as the Perfetto box, but with a fruity twist! I… Read more »

Happy National Handwriting Day!

In case you don’t know, it’s National Handwriting Day today! I’ve been thinking about my handwriting a lot lately… I don’t really like it. It’s fine, but it’s nothing special and I’d like to improve. I always find myself envious when I see other bloggers beautiful handwriting (especially Azizah at Gourmet Pens). When I was… Read more »

Pencil Dice by Sebastian Bergne

Not much explanation needed here… These are pencils that double up as dice! The hexagonal shape of the pencil lends itself well to a dice, with each of the 6 sides each having a different number of dots on it. I really like the concept of giving a simple object another function, without really changing… Read more »

Stationery Organised Neatly: One Year

  Strictly speaking my first blog anniversary was on the 2nd, but I’ve only now had a chance to do this…. I wanted to do a Stationery Organised Neatly with everything I’ve collected over the last year. Ok, this isn’t EVERYTHING, but about 90%. I won’t even begin to start listing what’s above but it’s… Read more »

Shop Visit: Luiban Papeterie, Berlin

This was one of the shops I was looking forward to visiting the most in Berlin, and it didn’t disappoint. Located in the Mitte area, Luiban Papeterie is a neat and quiet shop with a great selection of stationery. My favourite thing in the shop was this brilliant way of displaying envelopes (left). It’s a… Read more »

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

In what is going to be my final Christmas gift guide of the year, I’m looking at stocking fillers. Everything below is under £10. No. 1: Neon Colour Block Pencils, £1.90 each from Hopscotch. These paint dipped pencils are really on trend in their fluro colours; yellow, orange & pink. Love! No. 2: Letterpress Postcards,… Read more »

Perfetto Pencils by Louise Fili

These are one of those things that I bought safe in the knowledge that I absolutely did not need, but I HAD to have. I am obsessed with the packaging, almost to the point that the functionality of the pencils wouldn’t have mattered to me (but don’t worry, they’re great too). These pencils and their… Read more »

Video Review: Pedlars Signet 100 Pencils

I’m trying out video reviewing for the first time (and am slightly nervous about it), and have chosen the lovely Signet 100 pencils by Pedlars. Take a look below: What do you think (I already know it’s too long…)? Let me know below!  

Christmas Gift Guide: Stationery Sets

It kind of pains me to be doing anything Christmas related before December 1st, but I suppose one has to be organised… There’s too much out there to fit in one post so I’ll be doing a few over the next few weeks. I’m going to do 3 (I think); one on gift sets, one of… Read more »