Sorry I’ve been quiet for a few days, my amazing boyfriend took me to New York for a surprise weekend!

As you would imagine, as soon as I arrived I started my research on the best stationery shops in NYC. I did  a few shop (or should I stay store) visits, as well a fruitful trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market, and I’ll be posting on all of these over the next couple of weeks. But to start with, for great stationery, I had to look no further than my hotel room in the super cool ACE Hotel.

Simply designed with a slightly industrial feel (like the rest of the hotel), what I think is cleverest about the letterhead paper/envelopes is that they use stamps for the address, meaning that they are easily adaptable for each hotel (they have other locations such as Seattle, LA and just down the road from me in Shoreditch, London).

And because I assume lots of musicians stay there, they even supply music paper.

The hotel info  folder is made the Rite in the Rain folks, who I featured here.

And one of my  favourite things is this Stanley Bostitch pencil sharpener. I really want one… Even though I don’t actually have a desk to attach it to at the moment.

Nice one ACE, I like your style!


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