Rain, rain go away…

All this horrible weather (for those of you reading elsewhere, the UK has been even rainier than usual of late) has got me thinking about notebooks that can handle the wet weather. So after a bit of research, here’s my picks:

Rite in the Rain Notebook from Guideboat Co.

The Alwych Book from Labour and Wait

Snugpak Water Resistant Notebook

And I’ve written about this one before:

Expedition Memo Book from Field Notes

They’ve also recently made a series of videos testing the book’s durability, which can be found here. They’re quite fun, and interesting if you’re in to that sort of thing.

And because you need something that can write in all weather too, here’s a space pen:

Gold Fisher Space Pen from Penshop

As the Penshop website says:

  • The Fisher ball pen refill is pressurised with nitrogen, enabling it to write on most surfaces at any angle
  • This pen can even write under water and performs in extreme weather conditions

So there you go, now you can write in the rain all you want.


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