I’m starting a new series! It’s called ‘What’s In Your Pencil Case?’ and once a month I’ll be asking artists/designers/bloggers/cool people about the stationery tools that allow them to make their work. I’ll also be asking each person to provide a picture, in any form, of their pencil case/desk.

First up, I’m super excited to have illustrator, papercut artist and generally cool gal Poppy Chancellor from Poppy’s Papercuts.

Here’s her stationery set up:


Tell me about how you use stationery in your day to day life?

As an illustrator, stationery is a heathy obsession. You’re trained to always carry a pencil and notebook with you. You can justify your spending on stationery with the following quote: ‘Man is a tool-using animal. Without his tools, he is nothing..’

What’s the top stationery item that you can’t live without (and why)?

I couldn’t live without my Swann Morton scalpel and 10A blades. I work with a scalpel up to 7 hours a day and I know which one I like to use. The precision and detail you get with these blades is key to my work.


Quick-fire questions:

 – Pen or Pencil?
Pencil with a rubber on top

 – Notebooks: plain, lined or grid?

 – Paper diary or phone calendar?
PAPER! I fear the day when man forgets how to hold a pencil.

You can find Poppy’s work on her website here, including her brilliant series of erotic papercuts “Cut & Thrust”, along with details of papercutting workshops. You can also follow her on Instgram at @poppyspapercuts