I’m slightly in love with Laura Redburn from Cardboard Cities‘ collages. There’s something about her colour palette and use of florals that makes my heart skip. See:

So I thought she’s be a perfect candidate for another What’s In Your Pencil Case!

Here’s Laura’s set up:

laura redburn - all things stationery

Tell me about how you use stationery in your day to day life?

The things I use most are my scissors and glue stick, as I’m (primarily) a collage artist. I do use markers, pens, inks and other things too, though.

I like that the type of stationery used varies with what kind of creative work you do, but so many illustrators have a full blown stationery obsession.

What’s the top stationery item that you can’t live without (and why)?

My little embroidery scissors! They seem to be sharper than other scissors and you can cut tiny things with them. A good pen, too. Scissors because I use them for my collages (I prefer them over a x-acto knife), and a good pen because writing with a nice pen makes all the difference.

And a few quick-fire questions:

 – Pen or Pencil?

Pen, definitely.

 – Notebooks: plain, lined or grid?

PLAIN! Always plain.

 – Paper diary or phone calendar?

Ooh, tough one. Can I say both? I write down to-dos/numbers/etc as often as I put notes and dates and such in my phone.

You can check out Cardboard Cities here (including ways to buy her gorgeous designs, prints and notebooks), and Laura’s super colourful Instagram here.