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Stationery “staples”: Bic & Staedtler

The folks at National Stationery Week sent me a bag of goodies, including brands like Bic and Staedtler, which I consider to be office supply/stationery cupboard staples (no pun intended). These aren’t my normal bag – I’m a bit picky about my stationery choices, I like items that have been thoughtfully designed and aren’t necessarily… Read more »

Happy Stationery Week 2016!!

Hi guys, It’s National Stationery Week 2016 – hooray! Forgive me for re-using my image from last year but there’s not much opportunity to share it and I still love this picture! Plus, I don’t have time to do another! I just thought I’d check in to let you know what is going on and… Read more »

Happy National Stationery Week 2015!!!

Yay! It’s National Stationery Week 2015! In the UK we get a full week *smug face* but the whole world gets involved on Wednesday (29th) when it’s World Stationery Day. The London Stationery Show is happening on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and I’ll be going along on Tuesday afternoon to see if I can… Read more »