Happy National Stationery Week 2015!!!

Stationery Week

Yay! It’s National Stationery Week 2015! In the UK we get a full week *smug face* but the whole world gets involved on Wednesday (29th) when it’s World Stationery Day. The London Stationery Show is happening on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and I’ll be going along on Tuesday afternoon to see if I can spy any new products that I should let you guys know about!

I’ll also be trying to blog every day this week. Tomorrow I’ll be drawing the Doane Paper Notebooks giveaway winner (open until 5pm GMT today!), on Wednesday I’ll be sharing my experience of the London Stationery Show, on Thursday I’ll be posting a new What’s In Your Pencil Case? And on Friday… Well, actually I haven’t got that far yet but I’ll hopefully have a review up of some kind.

Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

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