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A few nice things…

It’s been a little while since I shared some nice things from around the internet, so here’s some cool stuff I’ve seen recently: Comp. This Kickstarter is a new, modern take on the American classic Composition notebook. It’s only got 3 days to go and has already reached it’s goal, but it looks pretty good to me… Read more »

Taab London

You may have seen me mention TAAB London a couple of times before, but I’ve been meaning to properly feature them ages! The designs are the work of London based Thomasin Arnold-Baker, who train at Central St. Martins. They sent me an intro package a little while ago, and as I keep using all the bits… Read more »

Nathalie Du Pasquier x Rubberband Notebooks & Giveaway!

How beautiful are these Nathalie Du Pasquier x Rubberband notebooks?! Mumbai based Rubberband are launching in the UK and are also celebrating their newest Artist Collection in which they have teamed up with artist and designer Nathalie Du Pasquier. They have previously collaborated with Anthony Burrill, who I’m also a big fan of, so they’ve clearly… Read more »

Jot Paper Co. Cards

I love hearing about new independent creative companies (especially British ones!) and Jot Paper Co. is no exception. They only started in November but have already created some beautiful greeting cards. This one above is from the granite range. The bottom left here is another from the granite range and the top two are from the… Read more »

Super Duper Things

I wanted to introduce you all to lovely brand today: Super Duper Things How gorgeous are these designs?! Louise Evans is a London based graphic designer and illustrator and has an etsy shop selling her prints, and notebooks. I absolutely love Louise’s colour palette – lots of beautiful, fresh pastels, with copper accents. Dreamy. This… Read more »

The Poundshop!

Since I moved to Peckham I’ve been slightly overwhelmed by the plethora of pound shops in the area (for those of you not in the UK, these are shops where you can buy anything in there for a pound, funnily enough). I keep getting told off for popping in to get some toothpaste and coming… Read more »

Howl Paper Studio: Origami Notecards

I hadn’t heard of Howl Paper Studio until Christie got in touch to introduce them, but I’m so glad she did! They’re based in NYC and printed locally by Letterpress. They asked if I’d like to try one of their notecard collections and without hesitation I chose the origami set. Mainly for the fact that… Read more »

Grids & Guides Notepads

I love these Grids & Guides Notepads by Princeton Architectual Press. They partner their Grids & Guides Notebook too. As regular readers will know, I always prefer a grid notebook, and there’s something about these other patterns that appeal to me too. Each pad has a useful information bar at the top too; formulas, measurements… Read more »

The Best Printable Gift Wrap #2

Last year I did a printable gift wrap post, and thought I’d do a new version, with some more that I’ve found over the last few months. Hopefully these will help you out if you’re ever in a hurry to wrap something and don’t have a chance to run to the shops. These marbled designs… Read more »

What’s In Your Pencil Case? Tom Lane

Tom Lane is a typographic illustrator and runs Ginger Monkey Design. He does really incredible work, like this: He uses stationery a lot for his work so seemed like a perfect candidate for What’s In Your Pencil Case? Tell me about how you use stationery in your day to day life? Everything I design pretty… Read more »