Inspired by Things Organised Neatly, here is the first in what I hope will be a new series of my stationery organised neatly, by colour. First up, turquoise. This one was VERY easy for me, as most things I own are turquoise (this is just a small selection).

Items are as follows:
Stencil: Linex Standard Lettering Stencil, £1.47, Fred Aldous
Notebook: Mini Graph Notebook, £2.50, Smug
Scissors: Trojka, pack of 3, £0.80, Ikea
Set of 3 stamps, and 2 ink pads: Donna Wilson, approx. £5 from sample sale
2 x washi tape: light turquoise, £3, grey turquoise, 50p, both from Smug
Berol Fine Liner: I’ve had this for ages so no idea of shop/cost, but they seem to be about £3 for 2.
Pilot V Sign Pen, £3.22 from Pilot