Before I start this post I just wanted to say that I think it will sound like an advert, but it’s not… I just really like this brand. Normally I’m quite anti these personalised card websites (Moonpig, funky pigeon etc.), but Papier seems different (if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, these websites allow you to personalise a card and send it directly to someone). They wrote to introduce themselves and I immediately dismissed it in my mind as something I wouldn’t feature, but for some reason clicked on the link and saw that their styling is on point!

They work with a team of designers and the aesthetic of their designs really appeal to me (I think those other websites have slightly crude cards…) . The other thing that stands out to me is the envelopes, you can choose different coloured/patterned linings for an extra 50p! You can also choose to personalise the front of the card but leave the inside blank so that you can handwrite it yourself – they can send you the card directly, with a spare envelope.

Papier have kindly offered 10% off all orders until 31st October 2015, using the code ATS10 – enjoy!

I thought I’d just pick out some of my favourite designs from the site:



And this one because it already happens to say my name 🙂



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