2 Years in Stationery

2 years in stationery

2 years?! How did that happen.

I’ll kick things off by saying that this isn’t a “New Year, New Me” post. It’s just a coincidence that my blog-iversary (sorry) happens to be the beginning of January. The 2nd in fact but I was flying back from NYC that day so am only just getting around to acknowledging it. I just wanted to reflect briefly on the last year, pick some of my favourite posts and look ahead to what I’m hoping to achieve in year 3.

Personally, it’s been an incredibly exciting year for me. Harry and I got our own place and got married and to be honest, since we moved in August, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat on my priorities. I still don’t really have a proper work space yet and all my time has been spent wedding planning. I’ve been posting at least once or twice a week regardless, just in a less curated way than I’d like. I’ve had some great opportunities, been to a few events and met some lovely people “off the internet”.

So what next? Well, I’d like to carry on much the same on the blog really, but be a bit more organised. More of the series that I’ve started – Stationery Organised Neatly, What’s In Your Pencil Case?, continue my monthly round ups (I started this in November and promptly forgot in December). More videos too – as excruciating as I find it to watch them back. I do have one big change I’d like to make though, and I’ve very nervous to actually publish something saying this… I plan to open my own stationery store this year. Online to start with, then who knows… I feel like I know quite a lot about stationery now, so why not put this knowledge to good use?!

I’m writing this down because:
a. doing so gives me more reason to actually do it
b. I’d love your opinion – what do you think? Would you buy from me? It the market too saturated? Any ideas on what I should stock? I’ve got a pretty good idea but I’d love to know if there are any things you think are missing from the stores you usually buy stationery from (especially in the UK). I’d like to say as well that this will be separate from ATS, I’ll still be blogging, don’t worry! Also, it’s important to note that I’ll be trying to find my niche and am absolutely not doing this to be in competition with all the stationery shops that I already love.

Phew… Now that’s out of the way, my favourite thing about doing this is the photography, so I’m going to post some of my favourite pictures from the last year, linked to the posts they were for:

waking waiting walking
SON Orange



Society of Crossed Pencils3
Perfect Pencil

Diamine Shimmer
Stationery Week

Moustache America4
Wood Postcard3


happy blog-iversary! this is a seriously exciting update re. the store (!!!!!!) and the photos are my favourite bit too (with the videos in a very close second place!) x

Posted 6 years ago by Joanna Reply

Can I ask where you got the Hay scissors? Having a nightmare finding them online anywhere without crazy shipping prices 🙂

Posted 6 years ago by Chris Reply

Yayyyy this is such exciting news! If you need any help, or anything at all really, give me a shout. I’ve got some stationery related plans this year too so perhaps we could chat more? 😉 Leanne x

Posted 6 years ago by Leanne Reply

    Thanks Leanne! That’s really kind of you. Oooooh, sounds v intriguing! Yes, absolutely, let’s chat more x


Posted 6 years ago by Matthias Reply

    Thanks Matthias!

Difficult to know if the market is too saturated. Certainly, there are plenty of online stores doing the same/similar things. Goulet has really shaken things up and caused everyone to hit the social media hard.

Find your point of difference and sell it. Starting a store after establishing a blog is an interesting concept and you could have some unexpected results. Happy to lend my skills as a web designer or as anything else, if you need it. Good luck! Have a great year.

Posted 6 years ago by James from Fntn Pen Co. Reply

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