National Theatre Bookshop Haul

What’s in this crumbled bag, I hear you ask… Well, the other day I was wasting time on the Southbank before meeting some friends and I thought I’d pop into the new National Theatre Bookshop. What I didn’t know however is that they have some AMAZING stationery! So of course I couldn’t help myself and this is what I came out with:

La Crayon Aimant, £3, Tout Simplement.

Really like the packaging on this one. It’s a pencil with a magnetic end! Having recently renovated a house, this could have really come in handy, like this, for example:

Next up:

Brass Double Sharpener, £5.50, Carta Pura.

I LOVE this sharpener. Such a classic, quality product. It’s almost too nice to use.  And from the same brand:

This one doesn’t photograph so well, but everything’s cooler in matte black right? Even a rubber.

Brass Template Bookmark Alphabet, £13.50, Midori.

I love Midori stuff, and have often looked at their brass rulers online but thought they were a little expensive. I hadn’t seen this bookmark/template before though (I suppose you could also use it as a ruler if you didn’t need measurements…) and I’m a lot more tempted to buy when it’s right in front of me!

Grafika cards, @.80 each, Nineteen 73

Grafika cards, @2.80 each, Nineteen 73.

Really like the graphics on this range (they look a lot better in real life…). In fact they had a lot of great cards in the shop but I limited myself to 2 on this visit.

So yeah, I’ll definitely be going back, but maybe after my next payday…


Some gorgeous items here! The pencil is so cool.

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