Youse Oct
I did a post about Youse when they first launched at the beginning of this year. They have a selection of new, vintage and original stationery, as well as art prints. Basically, it’s a very cool site and you should check it out. I hadn’t actually bought anything from there until a few weeks ago when I saw some amazing vintage Rhodia notebook wallets on their instagram. It was an instant purchase for me.

Youse Oct3
The biggest decision for me was whether I should choose the black or red… I decided to go for red as I always go for black and I’m trying to branch out. I want to do a new Stationery Organised Neatly in red too so I’ve been trying to collect red bits together.

Youse Oct2
Aren’t these a brilliant find?! They’re from the 1960s apparently. They must be for school… In fact they definitely are – as on the right there it has spaces for you to fill out you year, name, school and class. And then on the left space for your timetable.

Youse Oct4
The pouches are full of loose paper folded into 10 different packs. Almost like school exercise books but without covers.

Youse Oct5
The red pack is full of graph paper and the black has grid. I’m desperate to use these but also don’t want to because I think they’re too special! Quite the dilemma… There’s still some available here for £7 each – bargain!

Youse Oct6
I also picked up one of these (also French) wooden rulers. The sides are painted different colours; one blue, one green and one red. These are available for £2.50.

And they also threw in one of these awesome Vermillion & Blue Rocket Pencils – very cool! Youse Oct7