Write on! Fun pencils

So I’ve been doing a bit of pencil research for an upcoming post and stumbled upon these  Earmark quotes/funnies pencils:

Anchorman quotes from Earmark

Shut the front door! by Earmark

Flight of the Conchords by Earmark

And as someone that has just binge watched LOADS of The Office USA on Netflix, my favourite:

That’s what she said! by Earmark


I love these! My son would love some. :0)

    Would be a brilliant present!

    Posted 8 years ago by tsowry Reply

      I checked them out actually to buy them after I read your post, but it costs more than the price of the pencils to have them delivered :0(

        How frustrating! So often the way with Etsy stuff…

        Posted 8 years ago by tsowry Reply

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