What’s Your Doodle?

I was thinking recently about how I pretty much have 3 stock doodles that I do. I thought I’d share them with you… And I just want to make it very clear that I am NOT an artist. In fact, it often frustrates me that I can’t draw. Anyway, here they are:

The first one started when I was a university and started using grid notebooks. I’d always doodle this series of 4 squares, with the pattern revolving 90 degrees each time. I’d fill up a page with these in boring lectures.

Next up, the flower. It’s a classic, I’m sure a lot of people do this one. Sometimes it turns into an entire scene of a house and garden, but mostly it’s just a lonely flower.

And lastly, stars. All the stars. The kind you do without taking your pen off the page. These are probably my most frequent of doodles and they come in all sizes.

I felt weirdly self conscious about sharing these. I’m sure it says certain things about me… It must be someone’s job to analyse doodles. To help me feel less self conscious will you share your doodles with me too? Head over to Instagram and upload a picture of your doodles with the hashtag #whatsyourdoodle and tag me too (@allthingsstationery)! I’d love to see yours!


Right now, I’m doodling pineapples. Go figure?

Posted 6 years ago by Ana Reply

    Hmmm… What does it mean… You’re feeling fruity?!

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