What I’ve Been… #3


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Another month has rush passed us and it’s time for another What I’ve Been…


There have been quite a few stationery based articles in the big design blogs recently, here are a couple of my favourites:

faber castell pencil case 2 Over The Top Pencil Cases To End All Pencil Cases via Core 77. As well as this insane pencil case which was a special edition from Faber-Castell a few years back, the article shared a similar one by Caran D’Ache. It’s also a nice little history lesson about Faber-Castell.




3056991-inline-i-4b-fabricantnotebook18-16-famous-designers-show-us-inside-their-favorite-notebooks-copy 16 Famous Designers Show Us Their Favorite Notebooks via Fast Co Design. To be honest these aren’t really designers I’ve heard of, but it’s interesting to see what notebooks are most used out in the field by non stationery geeks. It seems like the overall winner is Muji, which I can understand. They’re cheap, simply designed and good quality.



…Looking at

A photo posted by Christian Watson (@1924us) on

I discovered Christian Watson’s instagram via this article in Colossal. He does these incredibly detailed little illustrations based around small objects like pencils, matches and fingers. The rest of his instagram is pretty brilliant/bonkers too!

…Listening to

The latest Pen Addict Podcast! I don’t usually listen to Pen Addict until a few days after it comes out and totally didn’t clock until yesterday that my Stationery Shop Map got a shout out last week – hooray!

You can find epsiode #198: Plen Replair Place here!


This is SO GREAT. Via Core 77. This man melts down a load of crayons into what is basically a multicoloured wax brick and then then lathes it into a vase shape. Mesmerising.


What have I been up to? Well, as well as learning a good lesson about blogging and attending a lovely Paperchase event, here are some of my favourite posts from the last month or so:

SON Au Naturel 2
My first Stationery Organised Neatly in a while… Au Naturel.

Stationery I actually use
My first video in ages too! Stationery I actually use.

That’s it for this month! What have you been up to?

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