What I got for Christmas 2014…

A bit of a showy-offy title I know, but I thought I’d share the stationery related items I got for Christmas:

Paper Hankerchief
Nib pin

A handkerchief disguised as an A4 sheet of lined paper, and a pin/brooch disguised as a fountain pen nib, both from my mum.

Hay Scissors 2
Hay Scissors

Finally got my hands on my dream scissors, by Hay, from my mother-in-law-to-be. Featured previously in my Rock, Paper, Scissors post.

Page Markers
Page Markers 2

My boyfriend’s parents also got a few packs of Duncan Shotton’s wonderful sticky page markers (featured here). I chose the Forest set, and am finding them very useful so far!

Bicycle 3
Bicycle Clip 2

These were strictly speaking given to (cycling mad) boyfriend by my mum, but I’ve “borrowed” them, they’re bicycle shaped paperclips/pagemarkers.

Bicycle Clip
Ambition 2

And this last one… Well, this was a gift to myself (I did buy as pack as a gift, and thought I’d… ahem… gift a pack to me too). The latest colors edition form Field Notes: Ambition. A three pack in wintery colors and gilded edges; one ledger book, on weekly datebook and one classic graph paper notebook. Lovely.


Thanks Mum and Bish!


top gifts – you have v. thoughtful relatives.
i got my dad the A4 paper hanky too – he loves it – along with a periodical table hanky with which he can learn the chemical elements before blowing his nose… what more could you want ?!

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