Welcome to my new site!

As I hope you’ve all noticed, my website has a lovely new face! I thought it only right to welcome you in, give you a little tour and point out my new features.

On the right hand side you should be able to see my new pen pals section. This is other stationery blogs/websites/podcasts that I like and think you would too! It’s by no means final and I’ll be adding to it lots, so if you think you should be up there do feel free to give me a nudge!

In the menu on the top left of the screen you can see the categories page. If you go into this you can look at posts listed by categories. So if, for example, you’re really into pencils, you can check all out my posts that have featured pencils in one place.

Also in the menu at the top of the page is a stationery shops/store map page. This is a resource I thought maybe helpful for people going to new places and wondering where best to get their stationery fix! For obvious reasons, it’s very London based at present (with a little NYC) so I certainly hope to flesh it out a bit. I’m also only featuring places I have either visited or bought from online, so that I can vouch for them.

So there you go, that’s all my new features – let me know what you think. And, Enjoy!


Congratulations! It looks great!

Posted 6 years ago by Heath Cates Reply

    Thanks Heath!

    Posted 6 years ago by tsowry Reply

Wow, what a makeover!! I really love the new layout – clean and beautiful and easy to navigate. I especially love the grid paper background! ^_^ Lookin sharp!!

Posted 6 years ago by teresa Reply

    Thanks Teresa! The grid background is my favourite too!

    Posted 6 years ago by tsowry Reply

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