Washi Tape Haul from Fox and Star!

washi haul

I saw that Fox and Star had some new washi tape in, and having recently finished one whole roll, I convinced myself I absolutely needed some new onces!

washi haul2

And so I fell into a washi tape black hole… I picked up these 5, a combo of MT and Maste branded washi tapes.

washi haul3

NOTE: I accidentally got Slash Green and Corner Izumi the wrong way around on this picture – sorry!

From top to bottom:
Maste Cosmic Galaxy, £3.50
Maste White Cosmic, £2.50 (but currently sold out)
MT Corner Izumi, £2.75
MT Hougan Peach, £2.75
MT Slash Green, £2.75

One thing I also noticed on the back of the MT tapes is this:

washi haul4

“Do not use except for paper crafting”. Huh? Why? I use it for all different things. But then I am a rebel…


Oh my gosh I am in the grips of a massive washi addiction at the moment. I bought some to add to my shelf edge at work and now I’ve ordered at least four more rolls (including one with flamingos which is amazing). I need to be stopped as I love that cosmic one!

Posted 5 years ago by Lisa Reply

    Haha, it’s very addictive! And as they’re so small it’s so easy to convince yourself that you need more! I saw a cat face print one that I’ve got my eye on…

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