WANT LIST: Tanner Goods Pencils

So, I know I probably seem a bit pencil obsessed at the moment, but I saw these yesterday and couldn’t help but add them to the want list.

I really like Tanner Goods as a brand. My boyfriend discovered them a year or two ago (starting a small obsession with anything made in Portland, Oregon), which led to me having a manic hunt to find the last Tanner Goods Tan leather belt in the UK left just before christmas last year… Anyway, it’s good to see them making stationery!

They’re numbers 2s (which is American for HB), made of cedar wood and have a grey eraser. Really nice, simple design.

They’re $15 for 12, which seems reasonable. Has anyone tried them? Any good?

I was about to say that I was pretty sure they wouldn’t be available in the UK, but then I found FUSShop stock them!

Also, I like what it says on the Tanner Goods site:
“Stock up, head out, and remember the words of DaVinci, or at least the advice of our dad: Write it down, son, write it down.”
Wise words.

Images courtesy of tannergoods.com


Guh, I’m such a sucker for natural wood finish. I wonder if they are non-gloss? The grey eraser is a really nice touch, too!

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