Waking, Waiting, Walking Notebooks

waking waiting walking
I really like the concept of this notebook set by American artist Nathaniel Russell and Plumb Goods. The Waking, Waiting, Walking notebooks each have a different purpose.

waking waiting walking2
As the names suggest, waking is for recording your dreams, walking is for sketching the world, and waiting for filling time. It also comes with a little pull out illustrated book by Nathaniel Russell; black and white on one side and colourful on the other (pictures above and below). This is a really cool detail. I’m so glad I’ve discovered this artist!

waking waiting walking3
I think this is the perfect compact set for outdoorsy types. Sometimes it’s important to categorise your thoughts/doodles so this is ideal.

waking waiting walking4
They also come in a mini magazine file type holder, so you can put them on your bookshelf once they’re full.

You can get hold of your own set for £9.95 here.

For clarity, I went sent this notebook free of charge by Abrams & Chronicle for the purpose of this post. 



These look so simple and pretty x

Posted 7 years ago by kara Reply

Why is this product so expensive? There are products out there for far cheaper than this and they are essentially the same thing.

Posted 7 years ago by Antonio Singh Grant Reply

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