Video Review: Pedlars Signet 100 Pencils

I’m trying out video reviewing for the first time (and am slightly nervous about it), and have chosen the lovely Signet 100 pencils by Pedlars. Take a look below:

What do you think (I already know it’s too long…)? Let me know below!



I would say if you are going to do video reviews, you must have subtitles for your viewers who may need them! 🙂

Posted 6 years ago by LC Reply

    That is a VERY good point – thank you! Don’t want to exclude anyone.

Good job Tessa!! interesting, clear, engaging…a great first video blog.

Posted 6 years ago by Joanna Reply

For a first one it is good. But hey I would think that!. My comments – talk more slowly, and needs to be more succinct as you already know

Posted 6 years ago by Pauline Sowry Reply

    Good suggestions, thanks Mum! x

I now want to jump on a tube to Nottinghill and purchase a pack of this slick orange pencils. Then catch the central line to Bethnal Green to ask your local salon for the “Tessa balayage”. Was that the effect you wanted?

Posted 6 years ago by Lis Reply

it’s great. thank you (from pedlars) x

Posted 6 years ago by Charlie Gladstone Reply

    Thanks Charlie – glad you like it! x

I think this video review is GREAT! I dont need subtitles nor do I think you need to speak more slowly. Perfectly clear and engaging. GO YOU!! x

Posted 6 years ago by Worshipblues Reply

    Awww thank you! x

Excellent video! Would love to see more like it.

Posted 6 years ago by Mark Tucker Reply

    Thanks Mark! I’ll work on it! 🙂

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