Three Questions With Pen Addict

I don’t normally post on a Sunday but just wanted to do a quick one today to share The Pen Addict’s Three Questions With Tessa from All Things Stationery (i.e. me!). Chances are if you’re into stationery (or pens in particular) you’ll already follow The Pen Addict and have seen it, but do check it out in case you haven’t!

The Pen Addict’s saturday slot is usually reserved for Ink Links, where he did a round up of the week’s best stationery articles. Deciding this was a bit of a tired concept, he decided to change things up and start a new series called Three Questions With… with the idea of shining the spotlight on other bloggers and getting to know them better. I am honoured to be the first in this series!

As someone that always goes straight to the “about” sections on blogs, as I think it’s important to read things in context, I think this is a GREAT idea and can’t wait to find out more about my favourite bloggers, along with other kinds of people that are featured. Thanks for asking me Brad!!


Thanks for being awesome Tessa!

Posted 7 years ago by Brad Reply

    Haha, likewise!

    Posted 7 years ago by tsowry Reply

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