Three Nice Things for a Friday

I often see things I want to share, or get sent links to things people think I might like (my boyfriend sends me a lots of cool stuff he finds on design blogs – I don’t quite have the patience to look through them as much as he does), and I’ll always pop them into Evernote and try to share at least one of them a week on here. It’s been a bit busy of late and they’re starting to build up, so I thought I’d do a bumper edition featuring 3 nice internet finds this week:

Kickstarter: Pon: The Punctureless Push Pin

It seems like the punctureless push pin is something that someone tries to re-invent every so often, and I think this looks like a good version! It’s nice and simple looking and is about the same size as a normal push pin. I’m a bit late on this one, as it finishes in 5 days, but they’ve already way exceeded their goal and are working towards stretch goals now. A pack of 20 is $7, check out the Kickstarter here.

Corners: Shelf Organisers by Kyuhyung Cho

This is via It’s Nice That – see the original here. I love these shelf tidies! Such a simple design but so effective and enough to brighten any drab shelf.

Beyond Objet & Poetic Lab Metallic Desktop Items

This one is from Dezeen – original article here. Regular readers will know I love metallics, and this is no exception. These Poetic Lab designs are sleek and sophisticated. I reckon this lot would make anyone look like an executive… They’re fairly pricey, but not actually as crazy I was expecting, starting at £40. The collection is for sale on Beyond Object.

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