The Stationer’s Pop Up Shop and why you should visit Peckham!

To celebrate The Stationer turning 5 I’m finally doing something I’ve wanted to do for years – playing shop! I will be running a Pop Up shop this weekend, and it wouldn’t have been right to have done this anywhere but my wonderful hometown of Peckham. Here’s the deets:

Date: 4th & 5th December
Time: 10.00 – 18.00
Place: Unit 611A Peckham Levels, 95A Rye Lane, SE15 4ST. Just head up the colourful stairwell to the 5/6th floor, where the food and retail units are and follow the signs.

I’m currently in the anxiety stage of regretting my choices and wondering why I didn’t just choose a quieter start to December when I have MORE than enough on my plate already. But here we are. And if I didn’t do something to celebrate, I’d be annoyed at myself.

Anyway, I’d LOVE to see some of you there if you happen to be in SE London. And to help convince you, I’ve compiled a list of wonderful Peckham things to do/see/eat/visit after you’ve come to the shop 🙂

Peckham Levels

Peckham Levels itself has SO much to offer. It’s a converted disused multi story car park (so far, so Peckham, right…) full of creative businesses, interesting shops and street food style kiosks. Here are some highlights:

081 Pizzeria, Peckham Levels

081 Pizzeria: Authentic Neapolitan pizzeria with a contemporary twist, offering a new age generation of pizza and Napoli tapas dishes. I very nobly tested this out last week and can confirm it’s good pizza.

Boxwallah: Indian road side food bar. Again, I’ve tested this one several times and everything I’ve tried is SO yummy.

LEVELSIX: Affordable yoga classes and an apparently really nice cafe, serving nutritious veggie and vegan food. I haven’t yet tried but I definitely will be this weekend.

Maker’s Market (Sunday 5th): On Sunday a selection of makers and creators who are members of Peckham Levels will be selling their wares. Furniture, jewellery, fabric and more!


There’s plenty of great shopping to be done in Peckham – whether that’s exploring hectic Rye Lane, with its mix of Afro-Caribbean supermarkets, second hand clothes shops and bouji cafes, or strolling down the slightly more refined Bellenden road. Here are some of my favourite picks:

LF Markey Pop Up, Bellenden Road
  • Form SE15, 186 Bellenden Road. A clothing and lifestyle shop selling higher end women and menswear (think Folk, Baum Und Pfdergarten & Meadows) along with beautiful gifts – candles, accessories and homewares.
  • LF Markey Pop Up, 117 Bellenden Road. Here for December only, selling modern, feminine women’s clothing, inspired by workwear and utility, along with accessories and gifts.
  • General Store, 174 Bellenden Road. Home of all the dreamiest food and drinks. We always make a trip here before heading home for Christmas to buy foody gifts for those we don’t know what to buy.
  • D.A.Y. Boutique, 143 Bellenden Road. Another beautiful selection of women and menswear and lifestyle bits,
  • Gather, 121 Bellenden Road. An organic zero waste shop/refillery. Fill up on groceries, cleaning supplies and health & beauty items.
  • Peckham Supply Unit 2B Copeland Park. A brand new menswear shop, in a converted warehouse. I haven’t been yet but it looks v cool. They also have a sample sale this weekend with brands like Folk and Universal Works.
  • Sage Flowers, 232 Rye Lane. Probably the coolest florist you’ve ever been in (not open Sunday).

Food & Drink

Nola, Rye Lane
  • Begging Bowl, 168 Bellenden Road. A well-loved restaurant serving Thai inspired dishes.
  • Ganapati, 38 Holly Grove. An intimate restaurant serving dishes inspired by Indian street food and canteens. Believe me when I say it’s good!
  • Nola, 224 Rye Lane. A relative newbie (and one I haven’t checked out yet) which sells coffee and all day brunch, in a very cool setting.
  • Oi Spaghetti & Tiramisu, An experience I genuinely cannot recommend enough. A cabin in the middle of Copeland Park (a space converted from being a collection of industrial buildings to becoming a cultural hub) which holds 4 (yes, FOUR) tables and serves, as you might imagine, incredible pasta and tiramisu. That’s it. Genius. Not the easiest to get a table but worth the wait.
  • Mike’s, Unit 4.1 Copeland Park. Roman Style pizza by the slice. I have it on good authority that this place is GOOD. I think this will be my takeaway of choice to treat myself after the Pop Up.
  • Kudu. Now expanded to several locations around Peckham/Nunhead and for good reason. Seriously delicious South African food.
  • Taco Queen, 191 Rye Lane. Spicy tacos, small plates and cocktails. What more do you want?
  • Voodoo Rays, 285 Rye Lane. NY style pizza by the slice. Nice and relaxed, and a favourite of our 3 year old. Praise indeed.
  • Two Hundred Rye Lane, Cocktails and small plates. Sounds ideal.
  • Montpelier, 43 Choumert Road. Just a really nice pub. Perfect for a cosy drink at the end of a long day exploring Peckham 🙂

Hopefully there’s something in there for everyone. I would LOVE to see/meet some of you at the shop – let me know if you’re thinking of popping along!

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