This time last year, after weeks and weeks of tinkering, I finally took off the password from The Stationer website and shouted from the rooftops about it! I absolutely can’t believe how fast the last year has gone, and to be honest I was probably hoping to have achieved a lot more by now. But I’m really proud of the shop, and am so excited to have been shipping all over the world – UK, USA, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Netherlands, and France! I hope to expand more over the next year too.

In terms of running a business, I’ve certainly learnt a lot so far – and I haven’t even done my first tax return yet – eeek. But there’s been a lot of running to the post office before work, and googling about import tax on my lunch break. I’ve also been interviewed by Stylist Magazine about running a business in my spare time, which was an amazing opportunity.

Although I’m pleased with the first year’s progress, despite the fact it’s not been the easiest circumstances to run a business under (see more about this later…), there is still SO MUCH I’d still love to do. I’m hoping that the next year will bring an expansion in the brands I’m stocking, perhaps even some designs of my own, and I’d love to do some physical trading of some kind too. Wish me luck!

I feel like all I ever do on this blog now is make excuses as to why I’m not achieving enough – whether that be with the shop, or the blog, but truly it feel like the stars have not been aligning over the last few months to make these things a priority in my life! As you will probably know if you’ve read any of my posts over the last few months, we were having an extension built on our flat, which required a couple of months living elsewhere. Well, after encountering several building-based problems (who knew there was a tiny, tiny, river in our back garden?!) our 2 months with friends became 3, and then an additional month at another friend’s house – all without most of our possessions. And to add a bit more complication into this upheaval… I’ve been growing a tiny human for the last 5 or so months (turns out it’s quite tough!), who’ll (all being well) be joining us in April!

So hopefully you can see why things have been a little quieter than usual around here, but the good news is that months without all my stationery is really making me miss it! And I’m even craving writing blog posts, so once our home is finished (we’re back in now, albeit in a building site, but we’re NEARLY there!) I hope to be back with renewed vigour! And the chance to carry out more of my plans for The Stationer too 🙂

Speaking of which, there’s loads of new bits in store this week – check them out – I’m really excited to be stocking some Lucy Mail stationery (I’m the first and only in the UK!), and have added some new Katie Leamon designs too! And to thank you all for your support over the last year, I’m running a 15% discount until end of Tuesday (11.59 GMT on 5 December 2017) when you enter the code BIRTHDAY at checkout. The perfect opportunity to buy some gifts!