Today I am declaring that I am  proud member of The Society of Crossed Pencils

Society of Crossed Pencils4

I’ve been a fan of And Smile Studio for aaaages (especially all the PERFECT Wes Anderson illustrations!), and actually sat opposite the lady behind it, Viktorija, at a recent flower arranging workshop I went to, but didn’t realise until I made the connection on twitter the next day!

Society of Crossed Pencils
Anyway, as soon as I saw on the And Smile Instagram that she was starting her own secret stationery lovers society, The Society of Crossed Pencils, and there’s a pin badge to go with it! It was an instant purchase for me.

Society of Crossed Pencils2

And here it is in all it’s glory! There’s also very strict and sensible rules to being in the society, as follows:

✏️use pencils, pens, notebooks daily for all the note taking, list writing, sketching, planning, drawing, signing and marking
✂️embrace woodgrain goodness in all it’s shapes and forms
✏️keep pencils sharpened perfectly
✒️provide a fellow in need with a spare pencil, pen, favourite soft eraser and perfect sharpener when needed
?never ever EVER use the eraser on the other side of the pencil
✒️give bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils to the members of the society of crossed pencils on special occasions
✂️be kind to pencils and other members (do not discriminate against washi tape, mechanical pencils, gel pens or other members who spell stationery with A, BE KIND)

I struggle particularly with the very last point (no pun intended), I have little patience for stationery being spelled wrong… In fact, I nearly called this blog “stationery with an e”!

Society of Crossed Pencils3
So now I’m a fully fledged member. You can get yourself a lovely enamel pin badge here, for £10.