The Secret Life of The Pencil

Via Its Nice That, I saw that a really interesting exhibition will be happening in London later this month, called The Secret Life of The Pencil.

Tom Dixon, from The Secret Life of The Pencil

Alex Hammond and Mike Tinney have taken super detailed photos of the graphite tools used by some famous and important individuals.

Christopher Reid, from The Secret Life of The Pencil

I don’t know whether I can put it much better than them, so from their about page:

“The humble pencil is found where most of mankind’s greatest achievements begin. But will the touch-screen generation ever feel the pleasure of a freshly sharpened pencil or the frustration of a shattered lead?

This photographic project seeks to savour the use of pencils – documenting them in stunning detail, and thereby showing the secrets of their use and revealing an insight into their users: professionals who have defined themselves and their craft with the help of the modest stylus.

Unassuming, unsung and 0.02% the cost of an ipad, our faithful friend continues to lead its many secret lives alongside much more complex technology but at the heart of our most decisive and moving creators.

This collection of pencil images is a direct link back to some of the 20th and 21st centuries’ greatest illustrations, buildings, artworks, photographs, products, make-up designs, graphics, novels, poems, fashion, cartoons and even films.”

Stephen Fry, from The Secret Life of The Pencil

The exhibition is at the Paul Smith store at No. 9 Albemarle St. from 20th May until 3rd June. I will definitely be heading over!

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