Since I moved to Peckham I’ve been slightly overwhelmed by the plethora of pound shops in the area (for those of you not in the UK, these are shops where you can buy anything in there for a pound, funnily enough). I keep getting told off for popping in to get some toothpaste and coming home with 5 other items that we definitely don’t need… “But it was ONLY one pound!” doesn’t cut it as an excuse. Pound Shops definitely cultivate a bit of a waste culture, but there’s one with a difference – The Poundshop. These guys work with designers, a lot of whom are new to making products, to produce items within the price brackets of £1, £3, and £5. It’s a great way to test out the product making process, and a platform for these designers to find their feet on.

I’ve been a fan for years, and have been to a couple of their pop-up shops which happen every so often. They recently launched a web store, the majority of which is stationery (!) so I thought it only right to do a little haul and share it with you guys:

Pound Shop3
A4 Double Arrow Clipboard by Ding Ding, £3.
I’m a fan of using clipboards to display useful/pretty things so this is perfect. And it’s hand screen printed. Nice!

Pound Shop4
They have lots of greetings cards, I chose these two; Cat Card by Dicky Bird, £1, and Bonsai Mini Card by Scout Editions, £1.

Pound Shop2
I know I’m a sucker for anything with cats on but I found these particularly adorable. With this Cat and Dog Origami Notepaper Set by Lollipop Designs, £5, you can write a note to someone, fold it up and send them a cute pal in the post!

I love this risograph print; Water the Plants by Pride in Proper, £1 (this picture is The Poundshop’s, not mine).

Pound Shop
And finally this Rolled Paper Pencil by Hana + Hasmita, £1.

Pound Shop5
Here’s the other end where you can see the layers of paper. Very cool!

I could have gone on and on… But I might have got in trouble again.

Do check it out – I saw today that the webshop is only open until 13th October so get a move on!